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Electronics Healthcare Records

EHR is software as a service (SaaS) portal with a focus on Chiropractic specialities. It is capable of producing automated reports, electronic data transfer, and enhanced patient scheduling. The signature billing software can save a lot of money and time per year in billing and collection, while increasing patient retention and satisfaction.


CyberHealths is an online program which helps manage Type 2 diabetes along with a fitness and health control portal. It empowers its users to prevent Type 2 diabetes, take control of their diet and fitness programs in order to achieve their health and weight goals-even from the comfort of their own homes.


Find your TEAM. Deemsys Inc connects you to the best developers out there. We make sure they are effective, fully equipped, and ready to kickoff your project from day one. Don't waste time being burdened with recruitment and start working with your dream team immediately. We make software that brings you profit.

Crash Reports Online

CRO is a new software revolutionizing the way Personal Injury (PI) Attorneys and call centers obtain and review crash reports. Users can access hundreds of reports at once and easily create spreadsheets. Along with multiple ways to filter crash reports, minors and injured passengers are color coded for ease of identification.

Education Monitor

To reach the goal of helping students and teachers achieve a higher rate of completion, schools and colleges are turning to a variety of resources to engage them. Published monthly online, this booklet appears as a supplement to higher education with articles on health care, fitness, and various editorials.

Adherence to Medication

A tailored intervention program in collaboration with a group of researchers using two way communication to increase initiation, decrease discontinuation, and improve adherence to AHT among women with breast cancer. This program is currently used by selective researchers. Please contact for further information.

Medication Monitor

Medicine is critical for treating and preventing diseases. Medicine also effects everyone differently based on individual biometrics. Using our medication monitor app practitioners can monitor the adherence to medication, ensure a balance between achieving treatment goals and minimizing possible side effects.

GPS Tracking System

Child safety is an important topic in a world full of distractions and potential dangers. This GPS application is mainly developed for the safety of school/ college students. Parents/guardians receive messages X minutes before child reaches their destination. This allows for the confirmation of safety in real time.

3D Augmented Reality

3D Augmented Reality (AR) technology superimposes digital information with user’s real-world environment.  We build extensively 3D AR for healthcare and education systems to offer some unique interactive experiences. We imagine and unlock the world of creativity. Learning therefore becomes informative and enjoyable.

Digital Textbook (E-textbook)

E-textbook use is growing in colleges and universities and within the next five years is projected to dominate the textbook market. Deemsys Inc is developing E-textbooks for healthcare professional, schools, and universities. These books provide audio, video, and 3D resources to assimilate information from text.

Cisco Certifications

Cisco offers the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation to professionals passing exams covering the installation, configuration, and operation of simple-routed LAN, routed WAN and switched LAN networks. We offer unique courses to help to prepare for these exams. Please contact us for further information.

LearnGuild LMS

Deemsys Inc offers simple, scalable Learning Management Systems for our clients.  Ongoing learning is vital for all organizations. LMS can be designed to fit small to large companies. LearnGuild offers customized solutions for schools, colleges, and corporations across the globe. After all, knowledge is power.